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Rates for Room and Board at Oranbega Retreat Center effective 02/01/2023

Note: We appreciate that every dollar counts. Because of rises in the cost of living we unfortunately have had to increase our costs by a nominal 3 to 5% for rooms and board.

Room Ratesper night1 week2 weeksper month
 Clarine Grenfell Room $75 $385 $750 $1030
 River Room $85$440 $825 $1135
 Virginia Woolf Suite $115  $620 $1130 $1445
Meal Plansper night1 week2 weeksper month
 Full Board $48 $250 $480 $790
Half Board $35 $185 $350 $525
Bed & Breakfast (B&B) $28 $90 $170 $270


Full Board: Guests receive 3 full meals a day, plus snacks and beverages. Breakfast and lunch foods are supplied, but are self-served. Dinner is fully catered and served, except on Sundays. 

Half Board: Guests receive 2 meals a day (normally breakfast and dinner), plus snacks and beverages. Breakfast foods are provided, but self-served. Lunch food may be purchased locally and prepared by guests in the Guest Kitchen; or guests may save dinner leftovers for their lunch. Dinner is fully catered and served, except on Sundays.

B&B: The Bed and Breakfast plan provides the guest with one meal a day (usually breakfast), plus some snacks and beverages. Breakfast foods are provided, but are usually self-served. A guest may receive an occasional Lunch or Dinner for further payment of $12 (lunch) or $20 (dinner) per meal. At least two days’ notice must be given for this service.

 Totals, Per Room

Clarine Grenfell Roomper night1 week2 weeksper month
Room & Full Board $123 $635$1230$1,820
Room & Half Board $110$570 $1,100 $1,555
Bed & Breakfast (B&B) $103 $475 $920 $1300
River Roomper night1 week2 weeksper month
Room & Full Board $133 $690$1,305$1,925
Room & Half Board $120$625 $1,175 $1,660
Bed & Breakfast (B&B) $113 $530 $995 $1,405
Virginia Woolf Suiteper night1 week2 weeksper month
Room & Full Board $163 $870$1,610$2,235 
Room & Half Board $150$805 $1,480 $1,970
Bed & Breakfast (B&B) $143 $710 $1,300 $1,715

Please Note: 

  • If there are two or more occupants in a room or suite, the room rate is divided between the adult occupants, with a $20 surcharge for each extra guest; each guest must also choose and pay for their own meal plan.
  • Please arrange for children, if any, with the Retreat Director for special rates.
  • A scholarship fund is also available on request and with consultation with the Retreat Director.
  • Pets are allowed with a $20 surcharge per pet per length of stay. The guest will provide all pet care and be responsible for damages. Pets are not allowed in the kitchens, nor in any bedrooms except that of the guest they came with. The Retreat Feline Therapist, Angelica, a very friendly Maine Coon Cat, asks that you leave your pet at home if it is at all aggressive to other animals or humans.
  • We would love to help you choose the meal, the room plan, and the extent of your stay, so that you have the most productive, supportive, and restorative retreat experience possible. Please contact for help or call 207-952-2363.