Oranbega Retreat Center

For All Artists & Pilgrims

Welcoming our first guest

Extending a big Oranbega Retreat Center welcome to our first Official Guest, artist Amy Stacey Curtis We have Guests! As you read this, we are welcoming our first paying guest to the Oranbega Retreat Center. And what a guest! Amy Stacey Curtis is a Maine artist and writer, well known for her extraordinary series of […]

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Celebrating Earth through the Visual Arts

The Outer Islands roundel by Robert Phipps

Oranbega Celebrates Earth with a Zoom Earth Day program focusing on artists building environmental awareness through their work. Thursday, April 22 at 7PM, join us for our Earth Day Celebration of the Arts and the Earth. Featuring our own Resident Painter, Robert Phipps, whose paintings are deeply influenced by his love and care for the planet. The […]

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Writing Workshop Rescheduled

Writing workshop rescheduled!! We were sad that our first online Writers Workshop was scheduled with not enough time to publicize it well. The four of us who showed up decided we would rather have more writers to share the sources of our inspiration with and more brilliant minds to bounce our ideas off. So My Tongue-tied […]

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Celebrating Women’s History Month

Women in the Arts Building Community Throughout history, women contributed to the building of communities through creative work. On Sunday, March 28 at 7:00 PM EDT, we celebrate these contributions and Women’s History Month. Featuring a Zoom event incorporating poetry, music, and painting, we share the lives and art of three very different women artists whose […]

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