To our rooms creative workers and spiritual pilgrims of all kinds are invited to come, to start or finish a project, to receive the support of others on a similar journey, or just to pray, all unencumbered by the need to make dinner, fend off salesmen, or worry about life’s annoying necessities. The Oranbega Center exists to provide a structure of peace and tranquility for you in which your creative pursuits may flower, like roses on a trellis. We look forward to your visit.

Unlock Your Creativity

The Oranbega mission is to provide writers, artists, musicians, and spiritual seekers with the nurture and support they need as they devote a period of uninterrupted time to developing their work or connecting with their creative spirit.

A quiet conversation over a cup of tea, a tranquil hour in the meditation room, a walk on the river bank, or laughter around the dining table– these may punctuate your day of concentrated focus at your desk, easel, or keyboard. And so you may find the balance that lets your creativity soar.

Relax, Retreat, Refresh

At Oranbega, we welcome all writers, artists, musicians, and spiritual seekers to find their balance between work and life, between progress on a project and time to play, between rest and exercise both for the body and for the soul. Come, explore!