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Celebrating Women’s History Month

Women in the Arts Building Community

Celebrating Women's History Mont: Women in the Arts Building Community

Throughout history, women contributed to the building of communities through creative work. On Sunday, March 28 at 7:00 PM EDT, we celebrate these contributions and Women’s History Month. Featuring a Zoom event incorporating poetry, music, and painting, we share the lives and art of three very different women artists whose work benefits their communities. 

Our Women’s History Month celebration begins with the life, poetry, and prose of Clarine Coffin Grenfell. Clarine lived in the previous building here at 36 Narramissic Drive. Married to a Methodist pastor, in addtion to being a lay preacher and church leader, she also wrote poetry, prose, and essays. Additionally, Clarine contributed to Orland cultural life by operating a literary salon she called the Grenfell Reading Center.  Luckily, we discovered Clarine just days before presenting the Orland Town Planning Board with our own plan for a retreat house serving the artistic community. Thrilled to remind them that Oranbega continues a tradition being a hub of village cultural life, we consequently named a guest room in Clarine’s honor.

After highlighting Clarine with selections from her work, we turn to celebrate women in music. Consequently, it is a delight to feature contemporary singer-songwriter, Danie Ocean. From Philadelphia, Danie and her band have a beautiful R&B/jazz sound. As a review in the LA Times described them, their “overall vibe is Bonnie Raitt meets Sophie B. Hawkins, with a touch of Dinah Krall thrown in for good measure”. Danie, who is legally blind, built her career as a story of triumph over challenges. Likewise, her work highlights music’s necessity as a building block of community. Above all, her commitment includes supporting other artists as well as promoting music as a learning path for children in Philadelphia.  Naturally, our program features her uplifting and soulful music. 

Next, we explore visual art by local women artists. Like music, visual arts have the power to bring healing to individuals and communities. Finally, we close the night with music supplied by Linda Hanson and her women’s a capella chorus, Fire. 

We invite you to join us in this celebration of Women’s History Month!
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