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Welcoming our first guest

Extending a big Oranbega Retreat Center welcome to our first Official Guest, artist Amy Stacey Curtis

We have Guests!

As you read this, we are welcoming our first paying guest to the Oranbega Retreat Center. And what a guest! Amy Stacey Curtis is a Maine artist and writer, well known for her extraordinary series of installation pieces.  From 1998 to 2016, Amy completed an 18-year commitment to interactive installation art, offering nine solo-biennial exhibits of large, participatory works in nine vast mill spaces throughout Maine. For these installations she cleaned by hand each historic space (averaging 25,000 square feet). Each solo biennial was a 22-month process exploring a different theme, inviting audience to perpetuate and resolve each exhibit’s unique works. For More of Amy’s work, visit her website by clicking here.

Since March 2017 and the start of a neurological disabilty, Curtis has been moving forward and exhibiting new concepts with help from assistants and the arts community. While with us, Amy will be bringing to final edit a memoir which includes the process of creating these over eighty separate installations. We are honored to be part of the support system for this profoundly interesting and committed artist’s amazing oeuvre.  But remember, at Oranbega you can find support for your work whether you have an established career like Ms. Curtis or are just starting out.

We’re pleased to announce that also in April we will be welcoming a medical and science writer for a short stay!