Oranbega Retreat Center

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The Dream Job

Many years ago someone asked me “What would you really like to do as a job?” or “If you were suddenly alone.” I said “I would go to a retreat center, and try to work my way up to being a cook.” It wasn’t until after Robert, Jenny and I planned the Oranbega Retreat Center, that same long ago person reminded me of what I had said to her: I had actually manifested my dream job.

At the beginning of the center, I enjoyed wearing the hat of “Project Manager” and using my skills as organizer, to complete the center. Now that we are finishing up on the details, I will let someone else work on landscaping, and put on my “chef” hat.  I have been practicing on desserts every Sunday.

We had a shakedown of the workings of the center when two young women came for a week to create a web-site resulting in 7 creative, nutritous breakfasts followed by 7 delicious dinners.

The cooking went well, and I was pleased and they were delighted. It really is a matter of creativity and time management. I really did manifest my dream job.