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Oranbega Retreat Center

For All Artists and Pilgrims


Kickstarting Your Stay at Oranbega

Oranbega Retreat Center wants to make your Registration process easy and painless! Below you'll find a brief overview of the process by which you, creative person and potential Guest, can organize your stay.  Please read it with care.

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, and local Planning Board decisions,  Oranbega Retreat Center will not be open for Guests during 2020. When we do open, while the pandemic is still spreading, the Retreat Center will follow all the procedures for safety laid down by the Maine CDC.  We will never have more than three guests at one time, and the River Room (shared sleeping quarters)  will be open only to family or other groups who ordinarily live together, or to single individuals. Masks will be worn in the house except when alone or when eating, and social distancing will be observed.  Despite these inconveniences, we are convinced that we will be able to offer you a warm, supportive, and inspiring retreat experience. And frankly, have any of us ever needed one more?

You may apply at any time this fall and winter for Retreats in 2021.  

Oranbega  Retreat Center provides working space and inspiration for you as a creative worker at any point of your career. There are no publication, exhibition, or performance requirements for application. You are invited, however, to show that you are serious about your art, or about your spiritual formation,  and have had some preparation that equips you to get the most out of a largely self-directed retreat. You may do this in the brief essay asked for in the Registration form. You may send us separately a sample of your creative work, but it is not required.

We welcome artists in all disciplines, and pilgrims oi any tradition. We warmly include those who may be enrolled in graduate or undergraduate programs, or are engaged in completing work toward an academic degree. We also encourage your to apply if you have had no formal training at all, as long as you are dedicated to nurturing whatever talent you have, or to furthering your spiritual journey. Oranbega Retreat Center does not discriminate in its programs and activities against anyone on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, marital status, ancestry, disability, HIV status, or veteran status. Everyone is welcome!

Length of Stay

One or two week stays are the norm. Longer stays may be arranged in consultation with the Residents. Stays of less than one full week are discouraged. Please note that Sundays are Sabbath days at Oranbega Retreat Center. You may arrive and/or leave on a Sunday if that suits your schedule, but there are no meals provided and no other services rendered such as transportation to and from the airport. 

Scheduling Your Stay

You may schedule your week or two-week stay to begin and end at your convenience. The schedule will be set in consultation with the Residents as part of your application process. After you have received your confirmation letter, if you desire a change,  please give the center at least two weeks' notice, and understand that a change might not be possible. 

Room Rates and Financial Aid

Oranbega Center requires fees to be paid by guests, ranging from $720-$1300. Funds exist to provide financial aid and full scholarships to artists and pilgrims, based on need. If you are applying for scholarship aid, you will be asked about the size of your household, the annual household income range, and any special circumstances. Then you can propose the percentage of discount you would like. These figures will always be completely confidential.

One Week Stay:  Virginia Woolf Room (Single Occupancy) and all meals, except Sunday: $990.00

                         River  Room (Shared) and all meals, except Sunday:  $720.00 each

Two Week Stay:   Virginia Woolf Room (Single Occupancy) and all meals, except Sunday: $1,900.00

                          River  Room (Shared) and all meals, except Sunday: $1,300.00 each

Please Note: Rooms may be shared only by family groups or those who live together normally while the Covid-19 pandemic continues.


Artistic Disciplines

We welcome creative workers from the following disciplines: Literature, including fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama, translation, librettos, and graphic novels. Visual Art, including painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, photography, and mixed media. Music Composition, including instrumental forms, vocal forms, and electronic music. You are an Inter-disciplinary creative worker? Please apply: you will only make our community stronger.

Spiritual Retreats

If you wish to make a purely spiritual retreat, please indicate this on your application. You will receive the attention, guidance and spiritual friendship of Rev. Jenny Reece and other staff during your retreat, but it will be mostly self-directed. Be aware that as you spend time in Oranbega Retreat Center you may feel drawn to a new level of creativity, because we are dedicated to exploring the connections between the spiritual life and the creative arts!

Application Process for all Retreats:

  •  Please apply one month before your intended time of stay. 
  • Please make your application electronically – no paper applications are accepted. 
  • Fill in the application form completely. For Room Rates, see details above. For the short Application Essay, see details  below.
  • Submit your application when it is finished.
  • The Residents will read applications as they arrive.
  • Within three days, expect a confirmation letter to be returned. 
  • The confirmation letter will include the assessment of the Fees, based on the room chosen and the length of stay.  
  • If you requested a scholarship (partial or full) the letter will include our offer of a reduced or waived fee. 
  • Your Registration will not be regarded as complete until 1/2 of the assessed fee is paid. You may pay by check through the mail or by paypal at the address provided.
  • The second half of the fee will be received on arrival at the Center, by check or credit card, with any adjustments made before your departure.

Application essay:

for creative workers:  In a couple of paragraphs, please first describe the general nature of your creative art and your previous experience with it, then describe the project you would like to work on while on retreat, or more generally, what you would like to accomplish while a Guest.  

for spiritual retreats: Please write a paragraph describing your faith commitments and spiritual journey, including other retreat experiences you may have had; and then add a paragraph describing the spiritual goals you have in making a retreat at this time, and what help you might need to achieve them.

for both creative and spiritual retreat applicants: there are no wrong answers!

Still unsure? We will gladly offer whatever help, advice, and support you need as you apply.  Drop us an email, use our Contact page, or plain ol' snail mail and we'll do our best to help you.