Oranbega Retreat Center

For All Artists & Pilgrims

Narramissic Notes

From the Retreat Coordinator, Rev. Dr. Jenny Reece

As I write this there is news of a storm on the way, but for now the sun is shining warmly through my window and the river is gleaming below me, still flowing swiftly down to Penobscot Bay with only a hint of ice along the reedy banks to warn us of the coming freeze. We are in the third week of Advent already, and Christmas is around the corner, our first Christmas in the house. We are so blessed to be here and we can’t wait to share our blessings with you. Although we have had our setbacks along with everyone else because of the Pandemic, and although we haven’t quite got the go-ahead from the powers that be to begin accepting your applications to stay, we do see the light at the end of the tunnel. I made the decision last month that I wouldn’t wait until you could join me here, making your art, writing your books, composing your music, but that I would go ahead with what I had dreamed of for my own retirement, that this would be, finally, a place for me to write. And so I have written. I have been visited by an amazing poem a day almost, for the last month. To me, the slowest writer in the world, this has been a revelation. The work has just poured out of me. It may never see the light of day, of course. When I sit back and take a look at it in another month or so, I may decide it was all good exercise but not worthy to be anything more than fuel for the fire. But that would be all right. Just merely writing every day has been like the thawing of the river ice that lets the sweet lake water of my heart flow again. It is this experience more than any other that I want to share with you. This is indeed the perfect place to write, to think, to create art. Oh, and to eat the incredible food produced by Hospitality Queen Diane and Chef Spence, and to have long conversations with Robert about painting and music and the river. May your Christmas season and your New Year be blessed, whatever you believe about it. May the year 2021 be for all of us a time of the thawing of our hearts and the flowing of our creative spirits.

With love to you and hopes that we will meet in person in 2021,