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Food! Glorious Food!

Here at Oranbega Retreat Center we believe in providing our Residents and Guests with delicious food that is also nutritious. We strive to use local and sustainable food sources. Oranbega partners with Foot of the Mountain Farm, just a few miles away,  and our freezer is stuffed with their happy pigs and chickens, with lamb and beef to come later this year. Additionally, we always provide vegetarian and vegan options, as well as enjoying the excellent local seafood.  We are blessed with two chefs who have both worked in the hospitality industry for many years. Not only are they creative cooks, but their food looks as beautiful as it tastes. So feast your eyes:

Our Chefs on Food

I recently asked the chefs to talk about their attitudes about food & cooking at Oranbega Retreat Center.

Chef Diane: “I organize my cooking around the diets of the residents and our guests, learning more all the time about how to accommodate different needs, tastes and preferences: one of our residents is a Vegan and another is on a low-carb high protein diet, so there are challenges to eating together. But it’s a challenge I love.”  And indeed we eat our evening meal together in great harmony.

Chef Spence: ” I enjoy launching myself and the people I cook for on new culinary adventures, and take my cooking seriously, but not solemnly.”  This was borne out when he added “Hashtags look like waffles to me,” and, when asked where his inspiration to cook came from, answered, “Monty Python’s John Cleese in his skit where he butchers a set of bagpipes.” But folks, his dishes are seriously good.  

And while we do believe in good nutrition, we also know the value of the occasional decadent treat: