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Per aspera ad astra

Per aspera ad astra.* It’s a common Latin phrase of unknown origin meaning “through hardships to the stars.” It occurred to us as a fitting description of our first 9 months of the gestation of Oranbega Retreat Center. Yes, we have encountered hardships and stumbling blocks in our first months: Buying the house on Narramissic […]

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My Uncle Mike

In Memoriam Dr. Michael P. Reece, August 12, 1927 – June 3 2019 This essay about my Uncle, whose legacy makes Oranbega Retreat Center possible, is expanded from the words I wrote to be read at his funeral in London in June 2019. – Jenny Reece My uncle Mike was always a bit of a surprise […]

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Obituary of Michael Reece

Michael P. Reece, August 12, 1927 – June 3, 2019 Michael Reece was the uncle of Oranbega Retreat Center’s founder and visionary, Jenny Reece. It his legacy that helped bring Oranbega to life. The following is from his obituary, published in the London Telegraph on August 16, 2019. Michael Reece, who has died aged 91, led a […]

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