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Bird Life on the River

diane watches the birds adjust to fall on the narramissic river

Bird life on the river is changing a bit as the wind blows us into fall. All the insect eaters departed with the insects to warmer climes. The Kittiwake tribe of about 28 departed after lounging on the river for about a week. Once all the crab-apples had been argued over, discussed, played soccer with and eaten, off they went on the north wind. We will miss them running on their short little legs chasing the crab-apples down the road.

A flock of robins passed through very briefly this morning as the Eagle was patrolling the river back and forth, back and forth.

The naked maple tree by the deck has exposed the summer warblers nest. Our recently installed bird feeder has been discovered by all the local finches and chickadees. Mrs. House Finch decided to create a home somewhere on our roof. This morning she was hanging on the window screen looking longingly at the flowers on the house plant within.

It is hibernation time for all of us, hot cider, applesauce, stew in the crock pot and flannel shirts. Blessings on all Gods creatures! — Diane