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A Word on the Bird Activity

Even though sheets of ice still grace the shores, signs of Spring are arriving.

Mark the calendar – today March 9th, 2021 the Canadian Geese returned to the river. They have been flying over in even number groups all morning, headed North.

The Ducks are about two weeks ahead of them: male  hooded mergansers arrived before the females or is it perhaps the adolescent males, hoping to get lucky?  Common mallards arrived in pairs, and gather on the icy shore near the neighbors house awaiting a cracked corn treat.

We had a cold front come through last night, and dust evertything with snow so there is very little for the creatures to eat. A sprinkling of sunflower seeds on the ground made the Ravens happy and territorial.

We put out two bird feeders down at the shore for the migrating little birds.

Buds on the trees are swelling, hillsides are blushing with the rising of the sap.

Friends, neighbors, and our age group are getting vaccinated against Covid and Hope and Joy are on the rise.