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A Peek at the Residents: A Sense of Spence

A successful retreat isn’t just peace and quiet and a desk. It’s the people and personalities who will surround you, acting as support and helping you make the absolute most of your time. Take a peek at the residents with us…

Clearly, the residents are the people who will help you make the most of your stay at the Oranbega Retreat Center. Naturally, we want to help you become familiar with the people and personalities who will be a big part of your retreat stay at Oranbega. Consequently, we want to give you a peek at the lives of our Residents.

This month we train our focus on the Oranbega Retreat Center Sexton, Spencer Nelson. There are always interesting things going on in Spence’s world. In the last couple of weeks he has built a table for our porch to make an outdoor grilling center. We have a smoker too, so grilled smoked meats will be on the menu for our non-vegetarian guests, plus of course plenty of grilled vegetables for all. He has also painted the kitchen (not the town) red! Brightens up the place beautifully!

And he has found us a canoe! It needs gunwales but Spence will figure that out somehow. Oh, and there’s this intriguing set of kitchen tools Diane acquired recently so that they can delight our eye as well as our tastebuds with radish roses and whatnot. And these are only a few of the ways our caretaker takes care of us and will take care of you when you come as our most welcome Guests.

Thank you, Spence! From Spence and all of us at Oranbega Retreat Center, we hope you have enjoyed this first peek at the residents working behind the scenes to help make your stay as a guest the best it can be. And remember to stay on top of all the events and new from us by subscribing to our newsletter!